Council on Federal Agency Adjudication

The Council on Federal Agency Adjudication provides a forum for the heads of agency adjudication programs to exchange information—about procedural innovations, best management practices, and other subjects of mutual interest—that may be "useful in improving administrative procedure" (5 U.S.C. § 591). The Council also offers a forum for identifying subjects appropriate for ACUS study. 

A consultative group of leading administrative law scholars assists the Council by sharing academic research and helping to identify subjects for further study. Members of the academic consultative group are:

  • Michael Asimow (Santa Clara University School of Law)

  • Kent Barnett (University of Georgia School of Law)

  • Jack Beermann (Boston University School of Law)

  • Emily Bremer (University of Notre Dame Law School)

  • Jill Family (Widener University Commonwealth Law School)

  • William Funk (Lewis & Clark Law School)

  • Robert Glicksman (The George Washington Unviersity Law School)

  • Daniel Ho (Stanford Law School)

  • Linda Jellum (Mercer University School of Law)

  • Renée Landers (Suffolk University Law School)

  • Jeffrey Lubbers (American University Washington College of Law)

  • Michael Sant'Ambrogio (Michigan State University College of Law)

  • Bijal Shah (Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law)

  • Urska Velikonja (Georgetown University Law Center) 

  • Louis Virelli (Stetson University College of Law)

  • Christopher Walker (University of Michigan Law School)

  • Melissa Wasserman (University of Texas School of Law)

  • Russell Wheeler (Brookings Institution)

  • Adam Zimmerman (Loyola Law School)


Staff Counsel