Administrative Conference of the United States


ACUS is one of the federal government's "best bargains... for the buck"

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Former ACUS Chairman


ACUS is an independent federal agency charged with convening expert representatives from the public and private sectors to recommend improvements to administrative process and procedure. ACUS initiatives promote efficiency, participation, and fairness in the promulgation of federal regulations and in the administration of federal programs.


ACUS collaborates with experts across legal, business, non-profit and academic arenas to recommend improvements to federal government regulatory and administrative processes. This extensive, consensus-driven research program takes place under the direction of the Chair and the Council, with the assistance of the Research Director and other Conference Staff. Assembly projects on a variety of administrative law topics inform ACUS Recommendations to federal agencies, Congress, and the courts. Office of the Chairman projects may take the form of targeted technical assistance for agencies, working groups, or other efforts aimed at developing new research or published products other than Recommendations.


ACUS hosts regular workshops and symposia that bring together federal agency officials, members of Congress and their staffs, judges, academics, and the public. ACUS also organizes, leads, and participates in various working groups to improve specific administrative programs and facilitate Conference research. In addition to organized events, ACUS staff provides agencies quick-response assistance in the form of briefings, consultations, and memoranda on matters involving rulemaking, adjudication, and other administrative procedures. ACUS Congressional Assistance initiatives have included trainings on general administrative law topics. ACUS also publishes sourcebooks on an array of topics that assist agency officials, congressional staff, and the judiciary in performing their work.

Meetings & Events

ACUS regularly hosts meetings and other events that are open to interested parties and the public. This section provides information on ACUS committee meetings, plenary sessions, working groups, forums, and special events. Committee meetings are accessible on our livestream. Events are searchable by committee and date. Photos from various events may be easily viewed in the multimedia gallery.


ACUS provides valuable guidance to Congress, government agencies, educators and practitioners, the press, public advocates and students. ACUS works collaboratively across agencies, academia and industry to identify and solve complex problems. ACUS strives to make government work better through innovation, collaboration and optimization of resources. ACUS has published online all of its historical recommendations and made this information publicly available in order to serve as a reference and resource for all. 


Stay connected with ACUS by following the agency on social media at @ACUSgov. Readers can also get their Administrative Fix via the ACUS blog. ACUS welcomes guest blog posts about current administrative law topics. ACUS has adopted over 250 recommendations and statements to improve agency decision making, promote effective regulatory oversight, and, often, produce cost-savings to the government and taxpayers. Visit the ACUS newsroom page to view more innovations that highlight agency efforts in these areas. For all press inquiries, please contact Harry M. Seidman at 202.480.2085 or via email at