Regulation Committee Approves Proposed Recommendation on Placement of Economists Within Agencies

On October 17, the Committee on Regulation approved a series of draft recommendations to agencies regarding the placement of economists within an agency’s organizational structure to produce objective, consistent, and high-quality economic analysis during the rulemaking process.

Through the Agency Economists project, ACUS is exploring the organizational placement of economists within rule-writing agencies. As discussed in a recent blog post, the Regulation Committee considered the strengths and weaknesses associated with each of the organizational structures commonly used by agencies in terms of the flow of information between economists and decision-makers. The Committee’s consideration was supported by research by Jerry Ellig, Research Professor in the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy at the George Washington University.

The draft recommendations approved by the Committee offer best practices for agencies to consider when they evaluate the effectiveness of their existing organizational structure or seek to stand up new economic analysis units. As currently drafted, the Recommendation identifies the strengths associated with the three organizational structures commonly found in agencies and encourages agencies to take steps to minimize the risks associated with whichever organizational structure they adopt.

If placed on the agenda by the Council, the full Assembly will discuss and vote on the Recommendation during the agency’s 72nd plenary session, currently scheduled for December 12, 2019.   


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