Information Interchange Bulletins: A New ACUS Resource

The 1964 Administrative Conference Act authorizes ACUS to “arrange for interchange among administrative agencies of information potentially useful in improving administrative procedure.” In its 56-year existence, ACUS has done that by promulgating official recommendations, releasing sourcebooks, convening working groups, and more.

We’re pleased to announce that ACUS is adding one more resource to its offerings: Information Interchange Bulletins. These Bulletins, drafted by Office of the Chairman staff, will be short, one-page documents on discrete topics of administrative procedure and will provide useful information for agency officials on legal issues they are likely to encounter as they carry out their work. Topics will often be drawn from ACUS reports and Assembly recommendations but are intended solely to provide valuable information, not to recommend reforms to agency practices. ACUS staff intends to release new Bulletins on a monthly basis.

The first two Bulletins, covering what information agencies are required to publish in the Federal Register (here) and what they must publish on their websites (here), are available now. You can find both Bulletins, and all future releases, on our new, dedicated Information Interchange Bulletin webpage.


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