ACUS publishes sourcebooks on an array of topics that assist agency officials, congressional staff, and the judiciary in performing their work.

Federal Administrative Adjudication Outside the Administrative Procedure Act

This sourcebook examines federal administrative adjudication that is not subject to the adjudicatory provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act and provides a comprehensive overview and cross-cutting analysis of non-APA adjudication.

Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook

This sourcebook is an annotated compilation of the key legal sources—including the Administrative Procedure Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Congressional Review Act, and executive orders—governing nearly every aspect of administrative procedure. Beginning in 2019, ACUS and the Section of Administrative Law and Regulatory Practice of the American Bar Association will publish on ACUS’s website a continuously updated electronic edition of The Sourcebook. The last edition of which was published in print by the Section in 2016. Pending publication of the revised edition, ACUS will highlight on its website significant developments (e.g., statutory amendments, executive orders, and cases) since the publication of the 2016 edition. 

Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies

This sourcebook maps the organizational structure of the entire executive branch. ACUS published the sourcebook to provide a comprehensive overview and description of the federal executive establishment, the only document of its kind in existence.

Sourcebook of Federal Judicial Review Statutes

Based on a survey of the entire United States Code, this sourcebook comprehensively analyzes more than 650 statutory provisions that govern how federal courts review agency rules and orders. It addresses topics including who can seek judicial review of agency actions, when and in which courts individuals can seek judicial review, what standards and evidence courts use to evaluate agency actions, and what remedies courts can provide when they find agency actions to be unlawful. The sourcebook also includes a checklist to help Congress draft new or amend existing judicial review statutes.