ACUS Committee Approves Proposed Recommendation on Listing Agency Officials

On November 4, the Committee on Administration and Management approved a series of draft recommendations to agencies and to the Office of Personnel Management regarding the identification of high-level agency officials on their websites.

Although the identities and terms of cabinet secretaries, other agency heads, and other very high-ranking officials are widely known, the public often knows far less about the individuals who occupy the next highest levels of federal agency hierarchies.

Through the Listing Agency Officials project, ACUS seeks to promote the availability of real-time information about high-level officials at federal agencies. This effort builds on the Conference’s recent efforts to promote transparency and facilitate public participation in the work of the federal government.

The draft recommendations approved by the Committee encourage federal agencies and OPM to publish and maintain on their websites real-time information about a broad range of high-level agency officials. The Committee’s consideration was supported by a report in which I assess the adequacy of existing publications and agency websites and evaluate whether a centralized entity is best positioned to collect and publish this information.

If placed on the agenda by the Council, the full Assembly will discuss and vote on the Recommendation during the agency’s 72nd plenary session, currently scheduled for December 12, 2019.

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