ACUS Adopts Three Recommendations That Improve Government Efficiency and Transparency and Minimize Costs; Issues Model Adjudication Rules

Contact: Harry M. Seidman
Phone: 202. 480. 2085

Washington, June 18, 2018 - At its 69th Plenary Session on June 14-15, the Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) Assembly formally adopted three recommendations that improve government efficiency and transparency, enhance protection of private rights, and minimize costs.

Paperwork Reduction Act Efficiencies. This recommendation encourages collaboration between the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) and federal agencies to maximize opportunities for making the information collection clearance process under the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) more efficient, while still maintaining its integrity.

Severability in Agency Rulemaking. This recommendation encourages federal agencies that anticipate litigation over their rules to consider early in the rulemaking process whether a rule is severable, meaning divisible into portions that can and should function independently, and outlines steps agencies should take if they intend that portions of a rule should continue in effect even though other portions have been held unlawful on judicial review.

Electronic Case Management in Federal Administrative Adjudication. This recommendation offers guidance for agencies considering whether and how to implement an electronic case management system.

An ACUS working group also issued, and presented to the Assembly, a revised edition of its Model Adjudication Rules (originally issued in 1993). The document offers agencies model procedural rules to improve the fairness and efficiency of their adjudication programs. Federal administrative agencies adjudicate many more cases each year than do the federal courts.  

The next Plenary Session will be held in December 2018. Details, including times and recommendations to be considered, will be posted on as soon as they become available. Join our mailing list at to be notified instantly.

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