Current Projects

This project examines modern agency publicity practices to update Recommendation 73-1, Adverse Agency Publicity, which urged the adoption of agency rules containing minimum standards and structured practices governing the issuance of publicity.  It also examines recent Administration initiatives that encourage agencies to post online information such as consumer complaints and other preliminary...


The Conference is studying the recent efforts by agencies to aggregate administrative proceedings.


The Conference is studying the use and incorporation of electronic case management in agency adjudication in order to make recommendations and share best practices.  Electronic case management is a comprehensive system that enables an agency to manage its adjudications for increased efficiency and access.


Federal agencies sometimes grant to regulated parties temporary or permanent “waivers” or “exemptions” (also sometimes referred to as “exceptions”) from regulatory requirements.

Twenty-five years ago, the Administrative Conference studied the potential for use of an ombudsman (or ombuds) in federal agency programs.  Recommendation 90-2 provided guidance for the establishment and operation of federal ombuds offices.  Since that time, the number, prominence and diversity of federal ombuds offices has grown significantly.