Alan Nussbaum Comment

Publication Date
April 2, 2013

Gentlemen and Ladies, I think your focus should be to eliminate the appeals council not expand it.It has never served much of a purpose except to affirm Administrative Law Judge's unfavorable decisions.Unless ALj's are going to make decision's without viewing the claimant's why should the Appeals Council be so priviledged.There are a great many variables in the appeal process.In an effort to save money and deprive individuals of a face to face adjudicator abolish the local district offices and let disability determination both take the application and decide the claims until the case makes it to the alj.Abolish the appeals council and let alj decisions that are unfavorable be appealed to district court.They can hire more clerks to assist.Conduct more training seminar's and or change some grid rules.Make employees of the Office of Disability Review State employees and let the state where the reside responsible for pensions but not pay.