Alan Nussbaum Comment

Publication Date
April 2, 2013

The Appealls Council and the District local office next to be abolished.Disability Determination does everyhting but take an application.The Appeals Counsel just delay's due process and rarely makes rational decisions.Administrative Law Judges(ALJ) provide the only face to face opportunity for a disabled person to see an adjudicator.Money might be better spent making the hearing's adversarial with government representation at a hearing level and at the appeals council if it is not abolished.There are plenty of qualified lawyers who could be chosen by Disability Determination not the office of personel management.The federal government could pay the salary of all employees but make them subject to state pension provisions.Giving an individual to have a due process right should not be taken from them as we are trying to do with guns,and women's choice to choose whether to have abortions.This is still supposed to be the United States not some third world country.