Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies (First Edition)

The Administrative Conference undertook a project to examine the agencies and other organizational entities of the federal executive establishment, including independent agencies.  The resulting report catalogues a comprehensive set of characteristics for each entity, including structure (e.g., commission or single-head agency, internal organization), personnel (e.g., number and types of appointed positions, limitations on removal), decision-making processes and requirements, political oversight, and sources of funding.  No other up-to-date resource of its kind exists

Click here to view the complete data that provide the basis for the Sourcebook on the Vanderbilt University website.  The website includes links to: (1) the data (in Microsoft Excel format), and (2) the complete codebook describing the data (with a 238-page appendix including all relevant statutory citations and language).

In December 2018, the Conference published a revised, second edition of the Sourcebook of the United States Executive Agencies



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