ACUS offers resources covering a broad range of topics related to administrative procedure and programs. ACUS can also work with agencies to analyze current practices, suggest reforms, and brief staff on administrative law topics. 

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  • Recommendations. ACUS issues about a dozen recommendations each year to agencies, Congress, the President, and the Judicial Conference of the United States aimed at enhancing efficiency and fairness in administrative procedures and programs. A report by an administrative law expert or ACUS staff supports each recommendation.
  • Reports. ACUS consultants and staff regularly prepare reports on a wide variety of topics related to administrative procedure.
  • Reference Guides. ACUS produces references guides including Handbooks, SourcebooksStatements of Principles, and reports on administrative law topics, such as the Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies and the online Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook.
  • Information Interchange Bulletins. These one-page documents offer agency attorneys a starting point to begin research on specific administrative procedure topics. They identify the blackletter law and provide additional resources for further research, including relevant ACUS recommendations and reports.
  • Equal Access to Justice ReportingACUS collects and reports information to Congress about awards of attorney's and other fees against the United States under the Equal Access to Justice Act (EAJA) each fiscal year. ACUS maintains an online database of all EAJA awards and an extensive archive of annual reports.
  • Model Rules. ACUS has developed Model Adjudication Rules and Model Rules for Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act.
  • Updates in Federal Agency Adjudication. The Office of the Chair issues monthly Adjudication Updates to share adjudication-related developments with agencies, Congress, and the public.
  • Updates in Legislation. The Office of the Chair prepares weekly summaries of congressional activity that implicates agency operations, regulatory or adjudicative procedure, and other selected topics in the field of administrative law. At the end of each congress, the Office of the Chair produces a compilation of the bills designed to amend federal administrative procedure in a Compilation of Regulatory Reform Legislation.

Meetings & Events

  • Roundtables. ACUS convenes several bodies that meet periodically to discuss topics of interest governmentwide, including the Interagency Roundtable, Council of Independent Regulatory Agencies, Council on Federal Agency Adjudication, Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Group, and Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence in Federal Agencies.
  • Forums. ACUS sponsors public forums to discuss important issues of administrative procedure. Past forums have focused on Nationwide Injunctions and Federal Regulatory Programs, Mass and Fraudulent Comments, Federal Administrative Adjudication, and Regulatory Capture.
  • Trainings. ACUS can conduct or facilitate training sessions for agency staff on a variety of administrative law and procedure topics, including the best practices recommended by the ACUS Assembly.