The Administrative Conference of the United States Mourns the Passing of Judge Robert A. Katzmann 

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The Administrative Conference of the United States Mourns the Passing of Judge Robert A. Katzmann

The Administrative Conference of the United States mourns the passing of Judge Robert A. Katzmann of the United States Court Appeals for the Second Circuit. Judge Katzmann was a senior fellow of ACUS for the last decade while on the federal bench; he was previously a public member while a professor at Georgetown Law.
“ACUS was immeasurably enriched by Judge Katzmann’s generous and thoughtful participation in our work,” said Matthew Lee Wiener, ACUS’s Vice (and Acting) Chair and Executive Director. He added: “ACUS is especially grateful for Judge Katzmann’s public recognition—at the podium and in print—of the importance of that work to the public. We will miss him and cherish his memory.”
ACUS is pleased to offer the following the statements from several of its members who knew Judge Katzmann especially well:
“Bob Katzmann had a long and rich relationship with the law and those who lived it, studied it, thought about it, worried about it, cared about it. His interests were wide and varied, though administrative law was never far from the center of his concerns. Bob’s career in academia and as a judge was notable for the open-minded approach he took to so many problems and the warmth with which he embraced those who shared his love for the law, regardless of the degree of agreement or disagreement on any subject. He will be deeply missed.” – Hon. Ronald A. Cass, Member of the Council
"Bob Katzmann’s work on the FTC was a breakthrough in administrative law by focusing us on the incentives and goals of individual actors and disciplines within agencies. He will be sorely missed.” – E. Donald Elliott, Senior Fellow 
“Bob Katzmann was very special. He was smart and savvy, with wisdom and wit, and an engaging smile to go with it.” – Sally Katzen, Senior Fellow and former Vice Chairman
“Judge Katzmann was a giant in the law, but he was also the best mentor anyone could hope for. He helped each of his law clerks discern our own individual career paths and opened doors for us at each step of the way. He was always ready to offer wise counsel or encouragement as complexities or roadblocks emerged. His day-to-day actions illustrated how to lead a meaningful life making legal institutions more inclusive and attentive to human need. I am heartbroken by his loss and will strive to live up to his example every day.” – Eloise Pasachoff, Public Member
“Judge Katzmann was one of the truly great figures of American law and he worked tirelessly to strengthen American democracy. The loss is immense.” – Richard L. Revesz, Senior Fellow 
“Judge Katzmann was surpassingly fair minded and committed to the law in creative and transformative ways. He stretched all of us to do more and be better than we were." – Paul R. Verkuil, Senior Fellow and former Chairman
“Judge Katzmann was a wonderful judge and a great judicial leader as our chief judge. His major initiatives in assuring that immigrants receive competent counsel and in civics education are now models for the country. His deep understanding of administrative law through his academic scholarship as a Georgetown and NYU law professor was widely respected. Judge Katzmann was also one of the finest people one could hope to know and was beloved by his colleagues. The nation has lost a brilliant and selfless public servant. – Hon. John Walker, Senior Fellow
“Beyond his commitment to effective government was his utter lack of pretention and his respectful treatment of everyone from Supreme Court justices to the people who keep the courthouses clean.” – Russell Wheeler, Public Member

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