ACUS 71st Plenary Session Will Take Place June 13

ACUS announced today that its 71st Plenary Session will take place Thursday, June 13, at The George Washington University Law School. The ACUS Assembly will consider four recommendations at this season’s plenary session:

  1. Agency Guidance Through Interpretive Rules

  2. Selection of Administration Law Judges

  3. Public Availability of Agency Guidance

  4. Revised Model Rules for Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act

ACUS will also present a lunch program on artificial intelligence (AI) in federal agencies. University of Pennsylvania Professor Cary Coglianese will address Legal Issues in Agencies’ Use of AI. Stanford Professors David Freeman Engstrom and Daniel Ho and New York University Professor Catherine M. Sharkey will discuss AI in Federal Agencies.

The ACUS Office of the Chairman is currently undertaking an initiative on Artificial Intelligence in Federal Agencies to explore the growing role that AI, such as machine learning and related techniques, is playing in federal agency adjudication, rulemaking, and other regulatory activities. As part of this initiative, a team of Stanford and NYU researchers led by Professors Engstron, Sharkey, and Ho, as well as California Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, are studying current and future applications of AI by federal agencies and how such uses implicate core administrative law doctrines. Read more about ACUS’s work on AI here.

The full agenda for the 71st Plenary Session and committee recommendations are available here.

Members of the public who wish to attend should RSVP no later than July 11 to facilitate entry and ensure adequate seating. The public may also view the event on ACUS’s Livestream channel.

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