April 7, 2014 Committee Meeting



Administrative Conference of the United States
1120 20th Street, NW Suite 706 South
Washington, DC 20036


The Committee on Collaborative Governance will meet to continue the discussion of a proposed recommendation based on the draft report entitled “Reducing FOIA Litigation Through Targeted ADR Strategies.”  Comments may be submitted at any time, but to ensure consideration at this meeting, please submit comments by April 2, 2014.

The consultant for this project is Professor Mark Grunewald of Washington and Lee University's School of Law.  In the Administrative Conference’s prior existence, Professor Grunewald was the Conference's consultant for Statement 12, "Statement on Resolution of Freedom of Information Act Disputes" (52 Fed. Reg. 23636, June 24, 1987), and Recommendation 95-6, "ADR Confidentiality and the Freedom of Information Act" (60 Fed. Reg. 43115, Aug. 18, 1995).

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