Publication of a "Guide to Federal Reporting Requirements"

Publication Date
October 22, 1969

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Popular demand for the official index digest entitled “Guide to Record Retention Requirements” indicates that a companion piece covering the matter of Federal reporting requirements would serve a public need.


1. Each agency subject to chapter 35, title 44, United States Code, entitled “Coordination of Federal Reporting Services,” should make separate digests of and citations to each statutory provision and each regulatory provision relied upon by the agency for the solicitation of information as contemplated by chapter 35.

2. After consultation with the Bureau of the Budget, the Director of the Federal Register should prescribe the style, coverage, and submission of such digests, and should publish the overall “Guide to Federal Reporting Requirements” in the Federal Register in the same manner used for the publication of the “Guide to Record Retention Requirements.”



__ FR _____ (2012)

1 ACUS 24

Note:  This recommendation was not published previously in the Federal Register.