Congressional Assistance

ACUS is committed to providing assistance to members of Congress and their staff. Should you have any questions about the resources provided, or if there is something missing in the content on this page, please contact the agency.

ACUS works with members of Congress in the drafting of legislation and preparation for legislative and oversight hearings on issues related to administrative procedure. ACUS also conducts training sessions on the Hill, maintains a memorandum summarizing recent bills on regulatory reform, and undertakes other initiatives devised to provide assistance to members of Congress and staff.


Members of Congress from both political parties have introduced a large number of bills designed to amend or overhaul certain aspects of the federal administrative state. Given the significance of these proposed reforms and the large number of bills introduced, the Office of the Chairman of the Administrative Conference felt that it would be useful to compile a list of bills introduced in the last several years. The resulting memorandum ...
ACUS staff conducted a training for Senate staffers on legislative drafting involving delegation of power to administrative agencies.
ACUS staff conducted a training for Senate staffers on fundamental principles of administrative law and the role of administrative agencies.
The Administrative Conference of the United States has initiated a pilot program under which its staff will transmit to Congress federal judicial and agency adjudicative decisions that identify technical and related problems of consequence in statutes dealing with administrative procedure. Its purpose is primarily to provide legislative drafters with the information they need to ensure future statutes adequately reflect Congress’s...