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Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 Implements Administrative Conference Recommendation

Washington, D.C., November 18, 2015 – The recently enacted Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 makes changes consistent with those proposed by the Administrative Conference in its 2012 recommendation Inflation Adjustment for Civil Penalties, and subsequently endorsed by the President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget. According to the Congressional Budget Office, over the next decade these changes will increase revenues by over one billion dollars by increasing penalties for civil violations.

Section 701 of the Bipartisan Budget Act amends the Inflation Adjustment Act by allowing substantial increases in existing penalties to close the Act’s “inflation gap,” eliminating the “Consumer Price Index Lag” created by the Inflation Adjustment Act’s requirement that agencies use out-of-date inflation data, and eliminating the Act’s complex and counterintuitive rounding rules.


About ACUS

The Administrative Conference of the United States is an independent federal agency dedicated to improving the administrative process through consensus-driven applied research and providing nonpartisan expert advice and recommendations for federal agency procedures. Its membership is composed of senior federal officials, academics, and other experts from the private sector. 



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