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Name Title
Warren Belmar Senior Fellow (1995)
Warren Belmar Public Member (1986-1995)
Jodie Z. Bernstein Public Member (2010-2012 and 1994-1995)
Jodie Z. Bernstein Council Member (1978-1981) and Vice Chairman (1980)
Jodie Z. Bernstein Government Member (1977)
Marshall J. Breger Senior Fellow (1991-1995)
Marshall J. Breger Chairman (1985-1991)
Stephen G. Breyer Liaison Representative (1981-1995)
Betty Jo Christian Senior Fellow (1989-1995)
Betty Jo Christian Public Member (1980-1989)
Betty Jo Christian Government Member (1977-1979)
E. Donald Elliott Public Member (1991-1994)
E. Donald Elliott Government Member (1990-1991)
Andrew Emery Special Counsel to ACUS
Fred F. Fielding Public Member (1986-1994)
Fred F. Fielding Special Counsel (1981-1986)
Brian C. Griffin Chairman (1992-1993)
Brian C. Griffin Senior Fellow (1993-1995)
Elena Kagan Public Member (1994-1995)
Sally Katzen Acting Chairman (1993-1994)
Sally Katzen Vice Chairman (1993-1995)
Sally Katzen Public Member (1988-1993)
Richard J. Leighton Senior Fellow (1991-1995)
Richard J. Leighton Public Member (1983-1991)
Jeffrey S. Lubbers Research Director
Alan B. Morrison Senior Fellow (1989-1995)
Alan B. Morrison Public Member (1980-1989)
Sallyanne Payton Senior Fellow (1988-1995)
Sallyanne Payton Public Member (1980-1988)
S. Jay Plager Liaison Representative (1991-1995)
S. Jay Plager Special Counsel (1989-1991)
S. Jay Plager Government Member (1988-1989)
Jonathan Rose Public Member (1989-1995)
Loren A. Smith Senior Fellow (1985-1995)
Loren A. Smith Chairman (1981-1985)
Peter L. Strauss Government Member (1975-1977)
Peter L. Strauss Senior Fellow (1991-1995)
Peter L. Strauss Public Member (1982-1991)
David C. Vladeck Public Member (1990-1995)
John M. Walker, Jr. Special Counsel (1987-1992)
William H. Webster Public Member (1991-1994)
Richard E. Wiley Senior Fellow (1984-1995)
Richard E. Wiley Council (1973-1977)

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