Resources for Federal Agencies

ACUS offers resources that federal agency officials may find helpful designed to develop and issue rules, conduct adjudications, and administer programs. ACUS can also work with agencies to analyze current practices, suggest reforms, and brief staff on administrative law topics. 

For assistance, agencies should contact Research Director Reeve Bull (


Meetings and Events

  • Interagency Roundtable. Interagency Roundtable meetings provide an opportunity for all federal agencies to discuss legal and policy issues with government-wide effect, such as strategies for implementing new legislation.

  • Council of Independent Regulatory Agencies. CIRA provides a forum for leaders in independent regulatory agencies to discuss shared concerns, including non-OIRA cost-benefit analysis requirements and practices for issuing dissents in rulemakings.

  • Working Groups. ACUS convenes working groups to discuss common challenges and develop materials that agencies can easily adapt for their own needs, such as developing Model Adjudication Rules or policies on compiling administrative records.

  • Forums. ACUS sponsors public forums to discuss important issues of administrative procedure. Past forums have focused on Nationwide Injunctions and Federal Regulatory Programs, Mass and Fraudulent Comments, Federal Administrative Adjudication, and Regulatory Capture.

  • Trainings. ACUS can conduct or facilitate training sessions for agency staff on a variety of administrative law and procedure topics, including the best practices recommended by the ACUS Assembly.