Compilation of Recent Administrative Law Reform Bills

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Members of Congress from both political parties have introduced bills designed to amend or overhaul aspects of federal administrative procedure. Given the significance of these proposed reforms and the number of bills introduced, the Office of the Chair of the Administrative Conference felt that it would be useful to compile a list of bills introduced in the last several years. The resulting memorandum represents the assiduous efforts of past and current ACUS interns (whose names appear at the top of the document). The Office of the Chair intends to update this document periodically to reflect introduction of new bills and subsequent developments for existing bills.

These documents are intended only for informational purposes, and the Office of the Chair makes no representation concerning its accuracy or completeness.  In addition, the Office of the Chair takes no position on the merits of the bills described. Please contact Conrad Dryland (, Attorney Advisor & Special Counsel to the Chair, with any recommended additions or changes to the memorandum.