Workshop on Improving the Use of Science in the Administrative Process

On September 10, 2012, the Administrative Conference, in collaboration with the National Academies, will be presenting an all-day workshop on “Improving the Use of Science in the Administrative Process.”  The workshop will address current issues relating to science in the administrative process, and discuss draft Recommendations by the Conference aimed at improving federal agencies’ use and administration of regulatory science.  Pre-registration is required to attend in person.  To register for the workshop, please click here. The workshop agenda includes opening remarks by Conference Chairman Paul R. Verkuil, followed by several panel discussions on topics ranging from enhancing the integrity and transparency of science-based regulations to improving public access to scientific evidence.  The panelists are drawn from a cross-section of scientific disciplines, academia, federal agencies, and the private sector. This collaborative workshop is an outgrowth of the Conference’s Science in the Administrative Process Project.  In March 2011, the Committee on Regulation discussed draft Recommendations aimed at improving science in the administrative process.  These Recommendations were based on the draft report by the Conference’s consultant, Prof. Wendy Wagner, entitled, “Use of Science in the Administrative Process: A Study of Federal Agency Decision-Making.”  The workshop presents an opportunity for stakeholders, federal agencies, members of the scientific community, and the public to come together to discuss the Conference’s proposed Recommendations and, more generally, to explore other ways to improve the use of science in the administrative process. Visit the Science in the Administrative Process Project Page for more information about this Project.

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