Office of the Chairman issues report to SSA on Evaluating Subjective Symptoms

The Office of the Chairman of the Administrative Conference of the United States has released its report to the Social Security Administration on Evaluating Subjective Symptoms in Disability Claims.  The report and appendices can be found on the project page, at  Executive Director Matthew Lee Wiener and Attorney Advisor Stephanie Tatham's findings are based on extensive research regarding the agency's practices, as well as informed by a review of litigation over subjective symptom evaluation in the federal courts. 

The Office of the Chairman is grateful for feedback received by external stakeholders, including the: American Bar Association, National Association of Disability Representatives, National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives, Association of Administrative Law Judges, National Association of Disability Examiners, National Council of Disability Determination Directors, and members of the Federal Administrative Law Judges Conference.  The views expressed in the report are the authors' own, and do not necessarily reflect those of stakeholders or the Conference's Council, members, or committees.