Follow the ACUS Proposed Recommendation Outcomes on June 16-17

On June 16 and 17, the Administrative Conference of the United States will host its 54th Plenary Session.

At our plenary session in December, the Conference was just getting restarted.  The Conference voted on one recommendation and had a productive discussion about the future priorities and goals of the Conference.  Now, six months later, ACUS' six committees have been meeting regularly, has four recommendations to consider, more than a dozen other projects in the pipeline, and numerous workshops and programs under its belt.  The agency is operating at the level achieved before ACUS was shut down, and with a smaller staff.

There is a lot of heated rhetoric in government and politics today, but that is in stark contrast to what happens in ACUS committee meetings. This group of talented experts from the public and private sectors freely exchange views and work together to reach consensus solutions to complex problems.  This process at the committee level produced the recommendations the Conference will consider at this plenary session, and we welcome you to join us (RSVP to, follow us on twitter (#acusrecs) or watch the session on our ACUS Channel as we will broadcast the event live.

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