Chairman revisits William & Mary

Chairman Paul R. Verkuil recently discussed the Administrative Conference's mission, vision and goals with Eric Pesola, of the William and Mary News.   The Chairman, a former William and Mary President, discussed current Conference projects, and provided highlights from the 53rd Plenary Session - to include a swearing-in ceremony with Justice Scalia and the passing of Recommendation 2010-1 regarding Regulatory Preemption.

“One interesting project involves technology’s transformative effects onto government regulation,” says Verkuil. “Anyone can submit documents electronically, unlike the old days, when everything was submitted in paper. A rulemaking file would exist in the agency’s office or docket room, and if you weren’t living in Washington, you wouldn’t have access to it.”

Read the full article here.

Next week, the Chairman will participate in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce-hosted panel on March 22, 2011 regarding the regulatory process.

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