Guidance to Federal Agencies

ACUS staff provides quick-response assistance (consultation, memoranda, briefing for agency lawyers, etc) to agencies on matters involving rulemaking, adjudication, and other administrative procedures.

ACUS will continue to arrange with specific agencies to prepare reports (through staff or outside consultants) analyzing and suggesting reforms to their administrative programs. Reports prepared after 2010 can be found on this page (

For assistance, agencies should contact the ACUS Research Director, Reeve Bull (, or the ACUS Executive Director, Matt Wiener (  


ACUS staff conducted a training session for the Public Health Division of the Office of General Counsel, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, on three rulemaking topics: ACUS Recommendation 2013-4 (Administrative Record in Informal Rulemaking), ACUS Recommendation 2014-4 ("Ex Parte" Communications in Informal Rulemaking), and the logical outgrowth doctrine.