Regulatory Waivers and Exemptions

Recommendation 2017-7 – Regulatory Waivers and Exemptions provides best practices to agencies in structuring their waiver and exemption procedures for regulatory requirements. It encourages transparency and public input by asking agencies to consider establishing standards and procedures for approval of waivers and exemptions and to seek public comments in developing standards and procedures and in approving individual waivers and exemptions.

Citation: Admin. Conf. of the U.S., Recommendation 2017-7, Regulatory Waivers and Exemptions, 82 Fed. Reg. 61742 (Dec. 29, 2017).

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Regulatory Waivers and Exemptions

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Individuals and entities regulated by federal agencies must adhere to program-specific requirements prescribed by statute or regulation.  Sometimes, however, agencies prospectively excuse individuals or entities from statutory or regulatory requirements through waivers or exemptions.[1]  The authority to waive or exempt regulated parties from s

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