Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. ยง 552, gives the public the right to request records from federal agencies. Federal agencies must disclose records unless they are protected from disclosure under FOIA. You can learn more about FOIA exemptions here.

Before you file a FOIA request with ACUS, please:

  • Check whether the record you are searching for is already publicly available on our website. Downloadable copies of the most frequently requested ACUS documents are available below.
  • Make sure ACUS is the correct agency for your request. Each federal agency handles its own FOIA requests. ACUS can only respond to requests for records in its possession. You can find contact information for other federal agencies online at

If you cannot find the ACUS record you are seeking, please email before submitting a formal FOIA request. We can usually respond to email requests more quickly.

Filing a FOIA Request

To submit a formal FOIA request, please complete the brief online FOIA request form. 

For questions about FOIA, where to find publicly available information on our website, or the status of your FOIA request, please contact Chief FOIA Officer Shawne McGibbon by phone at (202) 480-2080 or by email at

Submit a formal FOIA request to the Administrative Conference.

Frequently Requested ACUS Documents

FOIA Reports