The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies (Final Report)

Publication Date
November 14, 2016

The final report for "The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies" consists of four parts plus two supplementary tables.  Selecting the "Download" button above will download all four parts as a single document.  To download individual parts of the report or the supplementary tables, select the appropriate link(s) below.

Part 1, Executive Summary, contains a summary of the entire report and includes a copy of the recommendation as proposed to the Administrative Conference by the Committee on Rulemaking (same text as in Part 4).

Part 2, Research Report, contains a discussion of the background of the study, a description and analysis of the consultants' survey of federal agency ombuds offices, several case studies, and reference materials.

Part 3, Legal Analysis, contains a discussion and analysis of relevant legal issues.

Part 4, Proposed Recommendation, contains the draft recommendation proposed to the Administrative Conference membership by the Conference's Committee on Rulemaking.  It is based on the authors’ suggested recommendations, as modified by the committee, with the assistance of the authors and the Conference staff, through a series of public committee meetings.

Supplementary Table: Master List of Federal Ombuds Offices.  [Note: A small number of updates to the list after the original publication are identified with the notation "Amended" and the date of the change.]

Supplementary Table: List of Participating Federal Agency Ombuds Offices in the survey described in Part 2.