Media Advisory -- 64th Plenary Session


Brendan Raedy
Communications Director


The 64th Plenary Session of the Administrative Conference of the United States will be held Friday, December 4th.  During the session, the Conference Assembly will consider and vote on three recommendations:

1. Technical Assistance by Federal Agencies in the Legislative Process: This project highlights best practices for federal agencies when they provide technical assistance to Congress in statutory drafting.

2. Declaratory Orders: This project identifies contexts in which agencies should consider the use of declaratory orders in administrative adjudications.

3. Designing Federal Permitting Programs: The project explores potential reforms to the federal licensing and permitting regime and highlights promising innovations, with an eye towards minimizing the compliance     burden while maintaining required regulatory protections.


Friday, December 4, 2015: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.


Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Three Lafayette Centre
1155 21st Street, NW, Washington, DC 20581
Main Conference Room


There will be a live webcast of the Plenary Session, accessible here.

Please RSVP by 5 p.m. Thursday, December 3, to Gabrielle Guy at


About ACUS

 The Administrative Conference of the United States is an independent federal agency dedicated to improving the administrative process through consensus-driven applied research, providing nonpartisan expert advice and recommendations for improvement of federal agency procedures.  Its membership is composed of innovative federal officials and experts with diverse views and backgrounds from both the private sector and academia.   

The Conference is committed to promoting effective public participation and efficiency in the rulemaking process by leveraging interactive technologies and encouraging open communication with the public as well as making improvements to the regulatory process by reducing unnecessary litigation, and improving the use of science and the effectiveness of applicable laws.  Learn more at

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