Video Hearings (Recommendations)

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Since the early 1990s, video teleconferencing technology (“VTC”) has been explored by various entities in the public and private sectors for its potential use in administrative hearings and other adjudicatory proceedings.[1]  In the last 10 years, advances in technology and carrier services coupled with reduced personnel and...

This proposed recommendation on Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing for Hearings will be considered by the Assembly at the 61st Plenary Session on December 4-5, 2014.

This redline shows proposed amendments to the Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing for Hearings Recommendation for consideration at the 61st Plenary Session.

Agencies conduct thousands of adjudicative hearings every day, but the format of the hearing, whether face-to-face or by video, has not been analyzed in any systematic way.  Some agencies have provided hearings by video teleconferencing technology (VTC) for decades and have robust VTC programs.  These programs strive consistently to provide the best hearing experience, even as technology...