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The Magnuson-Moss Warranty—Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, P.L. 93-637, which became effective January 5, 1975, provides authority and procedures for the Federal Trade Commission’s promulgation of “trade regulation rules.” The statute requires the Commission to engage in “hybrid” rulemaking, a style which adds to the notice-and-comment requirements for “informal...

The time regulatory agencies take to make decisions is widely criticized. Rate cases—that is, cases in which an agency must consider whether to approve a proposed schedule of charges for particular services—aptly illustrate the need to explore ways of making sound decisions more quickly. Because rate cases differ in kind and complexity, as well as in their immediate and...

Comments from Government Member Carol Ann Siciliano on the Draft Social Media Recommendation, submitted in advance of the Committee on Rulemaking's November 6 meeting.

This redline shows the changes to the Draft Social Media Recommendation that were made by the Committee on Rulemaking at its November 6, 2013 public meeting.

This draft outline for the Ex Parte Communications in Informal Rulemaking Project was prepared by Consultant Esa Sferra-Bonistalli and will be discussed by the Committee on Rulemaking at its November 13, 2013 meeting.

This is the Proposed Social Media Recommendation produced by the Committee on Rulemaking for consideration at the 59th Plenary Session.