Judicial Review (Current Projects)


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The Social Security Administration (SSA) has engaged the Office of the Chairman to conduct an independent study of federal court review in social security disability insurance and supplemental security income cases. The project consultants will:

  • Review and analyze the Social Security Act, as well as SSA’s implementing regulations, policies, and practices for adjudicating claims...

In a Conference-sponsored study of federal court review of Social Security disability adjudication, Professors Jonah Gelbach (University of Pennsylvania Law School) and David Marcus (University of Arizona Rogers College of Law) have recommended the development of a set of procedural rules specific to judicial review of social security disability adjudication. The Social Security Administration...


The Administrative Conference of the United States has initiated a pilot program under which its staff will transmit to Congress federal judicial opinions that identify technical and related problems in statutes dealing with administrative procedure. Its purpose is primarily to provide legislative drafters with the information they need to ensure future statutes adequately reflect Congress’s...