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Comments of the Coalition of Federal Ombudsman (COFO) on the proposed recommendation on federal agency use of ombudsmen, submitted by Paul Sotoudeh, Chair of COFO.

This recommendation updates and expands on the Administrative Conference’s earlier Recommendation 90-2, The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies, adopted on June 7, 1990.  That document concentrated on “external ombudsmen,” those who primarily receive and address inquiries and complaints from the public, and was formulated before “use of ombuds” was added to the definition of “means of...

The final report for "The Ombudsman in Federal Agencies" consists of four parts plus two supplementary tables.  Selecting the "Download" button above will download all four parts as a single document.  To download individual parts of the report or the supplementary tables, select the appropriate link(s) below.

Part 1,...