Cost Benefit Analysis (Recommendations)

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Proposed Recommendation on Retrospective Review of Agency Rules for consideration at the December 2014 Plenary Session

Proposed amendments to the Retrospective Review Recommendation for consideration at the December 4-5, 2014 Plenary Session

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Regulations intended to lessen risks of accidents and illness ordinarily impose compliance costs on regulated entities and on rulemaking agencies. In return, society gains numerous benefits, most notably...

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Cost/benefit analysis1 may ordinarily be applied by an agency to a regulatory action, except when Congress has forbidden its use or has specified, in the authorizing legislation,...

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Federal agencies must frequently weigh competing health, safety, resource management, environmental, economic, and other societal interests when seeking to achieve a prescribed statutory objective. Wise...

Draft Recommendation for the Benefit-Cost Analysis at Independent Regulatory Agencies project for consideration at the April 29, 2013 Committee on Regulation Meeting

Draft Recommendation for consideration at 58th Plenary Session

Draft Recommendation containing proposed amendments for consideration at the Plenary Session

Benefit-cost analysis (also known as cost-benefit analysis) is one of the primary tools used in regulatory analysis to anticipate and evaluate the likely consequences of rules.[1]  Although some regulatory benefits and costs are difficult to quantify or monetize, those preparing such...