Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence in Federal Agencies

The Roundtable on AI in Federal Agencies will help agencies develop and improve protocols and practices for using AI tools in their administrative processes. It will provide a forum for officials representing agencies across the federal government to exchange information and best practices related to uses of AI in rulemaking, adjudication, enforcement, and other administrative processes.

A consultative group of leading scholars and AI experts will assist the Roundtable by sharing academic research and helping to identify subjects for further study. Members of the consultative group are:

  • Rediet Abebe (University of California, Berkeley; Harvard Society of Fellows)

  • Stewart A. Baker (Steptoe & Johnson)

  • Cary Coglianese (University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School)

  • David Engstrom (Stanford Law School)

  • Alexandra Reeve Givens (Center for Democracy & Technology)

  • Daniel E. Ho (Stanford Law School)

  • Terah Lyons (Stanford University Institute for Human-Centered AI)

  • Deirdre K. Mulligan (Berkeley School of Information)

  • Catherine M. Sharkey (New York University School of Law)

  • Olivier Sylvain (Fordham University School of Law)

  • John Tasioulas (University of Oxford)