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Over the years ACUS has issued several recommendations, reports, and other materials addressing the functions of administrative adjudicators. Due to the renewed public attention on the status of adjudicators in the administrative proceedings, ACUS has established this resource page to make available its most salient work on that subject in a single place. For a complete list of ACUS’s work on administrative adjudication, please visit the ACUS Bibliography.

ACUS Reports and Articles

Michael Asimow, Evidentiary Hearings Outside the Administrative Procedure Act (Rec. 2016-4)

Lenni B. Benson & Russell R. Wheeler, Enhancing Quality and Timeliness in Immigration Removal Adjudication (Rec. 2012-3)

Harold H. Bruff, Specialized Courts in Administrative Law (Rec. 91-9)

Ronald A. Cass, Agency Review of Administrative Law Judges’ Decisions (Rec. 83-3)

John H. Frye, III, Survey of Non-ALJ Hearing Programs in the Federal Government

Ernest Gellhorn & William F. Robinson, Jr., Summary Judgment in Administrative Adjudication (Rec. 70-3)

Harold J. Krent & Scott Morris, Achieving Greater Consistency in Social Security Disability Adjudication (Rec. 2013-1)

Victor G. Rosenblum, Contexts and Contents of “For Good Cause” as Criterion for Removal of Administrative Law Judges: Legal and Policy Factors

Paul R. Verkuil et al., The Federal Administrative Judiciary (Rec. 92-7)

Matthew Wiener et al., Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Evaluating the Status and Placement of Adjudicators in the Federal Sector Hearing Program

ACUS Recommendations

Recommendation 70-3, Summary Decision in Agency Adjudication

Recommendation 83-3, Agency Structures for Review of Decisions of Presiding Officers under the Administrative Procedure Act

Recommendation 91-9, Specialized Review of Agency Action

Recommendation 92-7, The Federal Administrative Judiciary

Recommendation 2012-3, Immigration Removal Adjudication

Recommendation 2016-2, Aggregate Agency Adjudication

Recommendation 2016-4, Evidentiary Hearings Not Required by the Administrative Procedure Act

Other Resources

1993 Model Adjudication Rules An ACUS Working Group is currently revising the Model Adjudication Rules. More information is available here.

Federal Administrative Adjudication Database

Federal Administrative Law Judge Hearings: Statistical Report for 1976-78

Manual for Administrative Law Judges