Recruiting and Hiring Agency Attorneys

Recommendation 2019-9 – Recruiting and Hiring Agency Attorneys urges agencies to avail themselves of the flexibilities available to them when hiring attorneys and offers best practices for structuring their hiring processes. First, it suggests that the Office of Personnel Management offer training for agencies on the alternative processes and flexibilities available to them when they hire attorneys. Then, among other suggestions, it advises agencies to post and disseminate vacancy announcements widely when seeking broad applicant pools, draft announcements clearly and concisely, communicate to applicants any limitations on the number of applicants they will consider, and establish policies for reviewing applications and interviewing candidates.

Citation: Admin. Conf. of the U.S., Recommendation 2019-9, Recruiting and Hiring Agency Attorneys84 Fed. Reg. 71355 (Dec. 27, 2019).


Final Recommendation

  • Recommendation number: 2019-9
  • Adopted on: December 12, 2019

Attorneys serve crucial roles within federal agencies. They defend agencies in litigation, draft regulations, investigate complaints, and resolve legal issues surrounding information disclosure, among their many functions. Attorneys support nearly all the operations of agencies, helping to ensure their fair and lawful functioning. Therefore, it is critical that agencies hire a corps of highly qualified attorneys.[1]