Public-Private Partnerships

This project offers agencies guidance on legal and other considerations for participating in public-private partnerships. It commends to agencies a Guide to Legal Issues Encountered in Public-Private Partnerships, published by an interagency working group convened by the Office of the Chairman of the Administrative Conference, and proposes mechanisms that allow agencies to share resources and best practices with one another for purposes of creating and maintaining public-private partnerships.

The Committee on Regulation met to discuss this project in the fall of 2016. The then-Committee Chair suggested that the Office of the Chairman prepare a guide to legal issues encountered in P3s. The Office of the Chairman convened a group of federal officials from various agencies who work on P3s, and the group collaboratively drafted a guide. The Committee on Regulation discussed the project again in the summer and fall of 2018 and voted to approve a proposed recommendation. The proposed recommendation, along with the materials the Committee considered during this time, are included below under “Featured Documents.”


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