Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing for Hearings

Recommendation 2014-7 – Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing for Hearings offers practical guidance regarding how best to conduct video hearings, and addresses the following subjects: Equipment and environment, training, financial considerations, procedural practices, fairness and satisfaction, and collaboration among agencies. It also provides for the development of a video hearings handbook by ACUS’ Office of the Chairman.  

Citation: Admin. Conf. of the U.S., Recommendation 2014-7, Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing for Hearings, 79 Fed. Reg. 75,114 (Dec. 17, 2014).

In December 2015, ACUS completed its Handbook on Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing in Adjudicatory Hearings.


Implementation Contact

Final Recommendation

  • Recommendation number: 2014-7
  • Adopted on: December 5, 2014
  • Committees: Adjudication

Agencies conduct thousands of adjudicative hearings every day, but the format of the hearing, whether face-to-face or by video, has not been analyzed in any systematic way.  Some agencies have provided hearings by video teleconferencing technology (VTC) for decades and have robust VTC programs.  These programs strive consistently to provide the best hearing experience, even as technology changes.  Other agencies have been reluctant...

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