Sourcebook of United States Executive Agencies

The ACUS Sourcebook examines the agencies and other organizational entities of the federal executive establishment, including independent agencies. The results of this study are an especially valuable resource to Congress, the judiciary, individual agencies, the general public, and academic researchers in government and public administration. No other up-to-date resource of its kind exists.

The first edition of the ACUS Sourcebook, originally published in December 2012, was corrected in March 2013 prior to a second printing.  For a full list of corrections, please see page vi.

Click here to view the complete data that provide the basis for the Sourcebook on the Vanderbilt University website.  The website includes links to: (1) the data (in Microsoft Excel format), and (2) the complete codebook describing the data (with a 238-page appendix including all relevant statutory citations and language).

A second edition of the ACUS Sourcebook is being developed to ensure it continues to provide an accurate account of the federal executive establishment. The second edition will have a broader reach, covering more agencies, and will reflect current laws and recent scholarly research on the structure and operation of the executive establishment. 

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