Administration and Management

Recommendation 2016-1 – Consumer Complaint Databases encourages agencies that make consumer complaints publicly available through online databases or downloadable data sets to adopt and publish written policies governing the dissemination of such information to the public.

Recommendation 2013-7 – Review of GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 examines the Act’s requirements for cross-agency collaboration; identifies existing constraints to collaboration; highlights tools available to help agencies collaborate; and recommends potential new or enhanced avenues of collaboration.  

Recommendation 2014-3Guidance in the Rulemaking Process identifies best practices for agencies when providing guidance in preambles to final rules.  It suggests ways that agencies can improve the drafting and presentation of these preambles, including making it easier to identify any guidance content.  The recommendation also urges agencies to ensure that users of their websites can easily locate the...

Recommendation 2012-4 – Paperwork Reduction Act addresses a variety of issues that have arisen since the Act was last revised in 1995, including those arising from the emergence of new technologies. The proposal offers suggestions for improving public engagement in the review of information collection requests and for making the process more efficient for the agencies and OMB.