Administration and Management

Recommendation 2019-7  Acting Agency Officials and Delegations of Authority offers agencies best practices for promoting greater transparency and compliance with the Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 when a Senate-confirmed position sits vacant. It also addresses the use of delegations of authority in response to staffing vacancies.

Recommendation 2017-1 – Adjudication Materials on Agency Websites provides guidance regarding the online dissemination of administrative adjudication materials.

Recommendation 2019-2 – Agency Recruitment and Selection of Administrative Law Judges addresses the processes and procedures agencies should establish for exercising their authority under Executive Order 13,843 (2018) to hire administrative law judges (ALJs).

Recommendation 2011-3 – Compliance Standards for Government Contractor Employees – Personal Conflicts of Interest and Use of Certain Non-Public Information addresses the increasing use of contractors in government and asks the Federal Acquisition Regulation Council to adopt revisions regarding compliance standards for government contractor employees relating to personal conflicts of interest...

Recommendation 2016-1 – Consumer Complaint Databases encourages agencies that make consumer complaints publicly available through online databases or downloadable data sets to adopt and publish written policies governing the dissemination of such information to the public.

Recommendation 2018-3 – Electronic Case Management in Federal Administrative Adjudication offers guidance for agencies considering whether and how to implement an electronic case management system.

Recommendation 2013-7 – Review of GPRA Modernization Act of 2010 examines the Act’s requirements for cross-agency collaboration; identifies existing constraints to collaboration; highlights tools available to help agencies collaborate; and recommends potential new or enhanced avenues of collaboration.


Recommendation 2014-3Guidance in the Rulemaking Process identifies best practices for agencies when providing guidance in preambles to final rules. It suggests ways that agencies can improve the drafting and presentation of these preambles, including making it easier to identify any guidance content. The recommendation also urges agencies to ensure that users of their websites can easily locate the...

Statement #18 – Improving the Timeliness of OIRA Regulatory Review (Adopted December 6, 2013) highlights potential mechanisms for improving review times of rules under review by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), including promoting enhanced coordination between OIRA and agencies prior to the submission of rules, encouraging increased transparency concerning the reasons for delayed reviews, and...

Recommendation 2011-5 – Incorporation by Reference addresses ways in which agencies publish rules that refer to standards or other materials that have been published elsewhere.