What's next in FACA? ACUS launches online, virtual meetings Nov 2

ACUS has implemented an internet forum, or message board, on its website at www.acus.gov/forum to conduct moderated, online virtual meetings.

We are committed to sharing ideas, engaging the public, and providing an intuitive online meeting platform for committee meetings. This online discussion site will provide committee members with an easy-to-use message board to communicate with their colleagues and the public.

The initial ACUS forum will be opened to both members of the Committee on Regulation and the public for submission and viewing of comments today, November 2, 2011. The forum will remain open for submission of comments until December 15, 2011 at 5:00 p.m., unless it is announced on the forum website that the discussion has been completed earlier.

After the period for receipt of comments has ended, the forum will remain available for viewing but will not accept additional comments.

Contact Reeve Bull, the Designated Federal Officer for the Committee on Regulation, with questions at rbull@acus.gov.

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