SSA Proposed Rule Relies on ACUS Work

The Social Security Administration (SSA) proposed a rule that seeks to expand its use of video teleconference hearings in disability cases. The proposal relies on ACUS Recommendation 2011-4, Agency Use of Video Hearings: Best Practices and Possibilities for Expansion, and an ACUS-sponsored publication titled Handbook on Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing in Adjudicatory Hearings, which was developed in accordance with Recommendation 2014-7, Best Practices for Using Video Teleconferencing for Hearings. SSA indicated that it will take into account ACUS’s recommendations as it develops its video hearing procedures and explained that ACUS’s recommendations support its efforts to expand video teleconferencing. SSA’s Office of Budget estimates that, if implemented, the proposed rule will result in administrative savings of $118 million over a 10-year period.