New Version of Implements ACUS Recommendation

The new, now live, incorporates several improvements that ACUS endorsed in Recommendation 2018-6, Improving Access to’s Rulemaking Dockets

Launched in 2003, is intended to improve access to rulemaking materials and increase public participation in agency rulemakings. Given its significance in the administrative process, has been the subject of several ACUS recommendations. In particular, Recommendation 2018-6 encouraged the eRulemaking Program to, among other things, help identify and meet user needs in navigating and finding materials on and work with commercial search engines to make its publicly available data as open, accessible, and searchable as possible.

The Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations subsequently considered and agreed with ACUS’s recommendations

The new implements ACUS’s recommendations by making it easier for users to find important information and participate in the rulemaking process. The website’s user interface is more intuitive, and users can now use commercial search engines to locate relevant docket materials. The new also incorporates additional recommendations stemming from the Senate’s report. 

ACUS continues to engage with agencies and experts on how to further improve the e-rulemaking process. Visit our page on Notice-and-Comment Rulemaking for current projects and additional resources.