This Month at ACUS: May 2022

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The following proposed recommendations were reported out of committee: Automated Legal Guidance at Federal Agencies, Contractors in Rulemaking, and Improving Notice of Regulatory Changes. The draft reports and recommendations for each project are available on their respective project pages on ACUS’s website.



The Office of the Chairman is conducting an independent study for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office of issues associated with and options for designing a small claims patent court. The study will be conducted with the participation of three consultants: Kali Murray (Marquette University), Arti Rai (Duke University), and Melissa Wasserman (University of Texas).

The Office of the Chairman will engage with a wide range of interested persons as part of its study. A request for information has been published in the Federal Register and is also available on ACUS’s website. Public comments, which will be posted to the project webpage, are due by July 5, 2022.



ACUS released its newest Information Interchange Bulletin: Regulatory Flexibility Act Basics. All past IIBs are available at

ACUS also published the April 2022 issue of its monthly Updates in Federal Agency Adjudication.