In Memoriam: Charles Koch

Charles Koch, longtime Faculty member at William and Mary Law School and an important consultant to ACUS, passed away on February 18th. The Conference would like to acknowledge his friendship and service. - Paul Verkuil Mr. Koch consulted on the following projects:

Koch, Charles H., Jr., and David A. Koplow. The Fourth Bite at the Apple: A Study of the Operation and Utility of the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council. 1987 ACUS 625, and 17 FLA. ST. U. L. REV. 199 (1990). Recommendation 87-7: “A New Role for the Social Security Appeals Council.” 1 C.F.R. § 305.87-7 (1993) and 52 FED. REG. 49,143 (Dec. 30, 1987).

Verkuil, Paul R., Daniel Gifford, Charles Koch, Richard Pierce, and Jeffrey S. Lubbers. The Federal Administrative Judiciary. 1992 ACUS 773. Also: Verkuil, Paul R. Reflections Upon the Federal Administrative Judiciary. 39 UCLA L. REV. 1341 (1992). An extract of this report also published as: Lubbers, Jeffrey S. The Federal Administrative Judiciary: Establishing an Appropriate System of Performance Evaluation for ALJs. 7 ADMIN. L. J. AM. U. 589 (1994). Supra no. 234. Recommendation 92-7: “The Federal Administrative Judiciary.” 1 C.F.R. § 305.92-7 (1993) and 57 FED. REG. 61,760 (Dec. 29, 1992).  

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