Help Us Find and Fix Purposeless Procedural Traps

Procedural rules are an important part of litigation.  They protect litigants' interests and further the cause of justice.  But sometimes, mistakes are made, and procedural rules fail to live up to their promise.  In such cases, procedural rules can keep people from getting their day in court or prevent the government from protecting the public interest for no good reason at all.  The Administrative Conference is seeking to identify and find ways to eliminate procedural rules that serve no apparent purpose and result in the non-merits dismissal of claims against or involving the government.  The kind of rules we're looking for are those that all agree are ridiculous, and which could be easily and non-controversially fixed or removed.  They might be rules that result in the rote dismissal of claims against government; they might also be rules that muck up the works for the government in litigation.  If you're aware of any procedural rules that fit the bill, let us know!  For more information, including an example of the kind of rule we're targeting, and to submit your ideas, click here.

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