ACUS Intern Blog Series

Each summer and throughout the school year, ACUS brings on a handful of interns to assist in its work. Our interns have the unique opportunity to assist on ACUS projects, research and analyze important and developing issues in administrative law, and learn about the far-reaching effects of administrative law.

This week, ACUS will be opening up the blog to its interns and highlighting salient issues of administrative law. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 17, ACUS will post one article each day for the rest of the week discussing a wide-range of issues, including agency benefit-cost analysis and the use of technology in rulemaking. We will provide daily updates to the Administrative Fix blog and will include links to each article through this page.

     • Victoria Barnard, Updating the Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook, July 17, 2018

     • Lauren Beadle, Overview of the Application of Machine-Learning in Administrative Law, July 18, 2018

     • Daniel E. Small, Public Participation in Rulemaking in the Age of Mass Comments, July 19, 2018

     • Daniel Thaler, Recommendation 2013-2 Remains Relevant Guidance, July 20, 2018

If you are a law student and are interested in an internship at ACUS, please see our Internship Program page for more information on how to apply.