ACUS Is Developing a Sourcebook of Federal Judicial Review Statutes

ACUS is developing a new Sourcebook of Federal Judicial Review Statutes for use by Congress, the judiciary, agencies, and the public. ACUS staff are currently working with Professor Jonathan R. Siegel of The George Washington University Law School to identify and catalog the more than 600 United States Code provisions that govern federal judicial review of agency action across numerous characteristics. Topics of study include the availability of review, choice of court, administrative exhaustion, limitations periods, and the scope and standard of review.

The Sourcebook will help Congress, government officials, practitioners, researchers, and the general public to better understand and navigate the complex framework governing federal judicial review of agency action. In addition to being a study of the more than 600 relevant U.S. Code sections, it will include a checklist congressional staff to use as they craft new and amend existing judicial review provisions. A new public database will offer access to the data underlying the Sourcebook as well.

The Sourcebook is just one part of the ongoing effort at ACUS to promote transparency, public participation, and fairness in the administration of federal programs. The Sourcebook of Federal Judicial Review Statues, along with several other sourcebooks published earlier this year, will serve as an invaluable resource for understanding the federal government and the diverse work of federal administrative agencies.